The ideal partner for your IT projects in outsourcing
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Have you ever thought about outsourcing? Virtuasoft Corp. is your ideal partner. Be it a simple website or a complex software application, we have the expertise to serve you with the highest quality standards at a fraction of the price you are used to pay.

Virtuasoft Corp. is an offshore company founded in 2007 with operational offices in Switzerland. Our staff counts on a completely European management team supported by a fully skilled set of technical resources (including web designers, C++ developers, php programmers, etc.) located in Ukraine, Romania, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Thailand; this is why it's hard to beat us on the price.

Apart from that, we know what we do, as simple as that. By working with us, you will be given a European based Account Manager who has a solid professional experience in the fields of marketing, sales and business development (some of us worked in the past for companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle). We have the resources and expertise to help you take the right decisions. Not only we are precise technical exectutors, but we can help you design the best solution for your online business. Consulting services (sales, marketing, product design) are one of our most valuable services.

Virtuasoft Corp. aspires to provide its clients with value added custom solutions that perfectly match their needs: your success is our success. We don't like one-time shots, we want to build a long term relationship with you.

So, do not hesitate, email us now for a quotation or for more information.